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Focusing Discovery and Awareness: The Use of RIM Systems for Internal and External Research Communication Initiatives
Bonnie Nelson, Mark Zulauf, Baron G. Wolf, Melodi Moore, and David Scherer


Information Management Principles and Practices You Need to Connect the Dots
David Driesbach, Darici Yesim, Robert Gutierrez, Maureen Pelham, and Abilene Pinzon


Connecting the Dots for FAIRness and Impact with ORCID (and Other Persistent Identifiers)
Paolo Gujilde, Zach Chandler, Clarke Iakovakis, Iqbal Hossain, and Lori Schultz


It Takes a Village: Equitable Collection and Reflection of Scholarship in Faculty Information and Expert Finder Systems
Christina Leigh Docteur, Emily Hart, Brenna Helmstutler, Melissa Lowry, and Victoria Weber

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