The Expert Finder Systems annual forum welcomes expert finder system practitioners from the university, research, and economic development communities to explore

  • Community- and system-building
  • Promising practices
  • Value proposition and sustainability
  • Platforms and applications
  • Role of libraries in research information management systems
  • EFS and economic development

Attendees will be able to share ideas and information about the current uses of such systems, the need for new features to support emerging uses, best practices for starting and managing a system, and strategies for enhancing stakeholder engagement.

The forum also offers the opportunity to build a community of practice and explore the possibility of establishing a professional organization to provide leadership and develop ongoing events. Attendees also will learn about the economic development impacts of EFS on the regional, state, national, and global levels.

The goals of the forum include

  1. Understand
    • Stakeholders and their goals
    • Challenges in developing systems for research information management, collaboration, economic development, and more
    • How EFS supports economic development
  2. Explore
    • Research on EFS community and system building
    • Promising practices
    • Platforms and applications
    • Value proposition and sustainability strategies
    • Role of libraries in RIM systems
    • Industry use of EFS
    • Researcher disambiguation strategies
    • Semantic Web, taxonomies, and ontologies
    • Use Cases
  3. Connect
    • Network with other stakeholders
    • Discuss challenges and priorities
    • Create a community of Practice

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